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Since now you are able to perform multichain transfers, before you are actually doing it. It is kind of dry running a transfer or simulate a Pantos transfer, before touching any funds of yours.

In a fast paced world it is rather easy to make a mistake. A mistake, which is not forgiven in the world of blockchain technology. A single character off, can lead to loose all funds.

To avoid such a mistake, PANSCAN Sandbox is invented, to try out the transfer, and simulate it, keeping funds save and untouched.

Did you say ‘stats’?

A great way to start are some basic stats about the Pantos ecosystem. Here you go:

What is Pantos and PANSCAN about?

Pantos is a groundbreaking project committed to revolutionizing the blockchain space through seamless interoperability. Its mission is to connect disparate blockchain networks, bridging the gap between various protocols and enabling seamless transfer of assets and data.

With the vision of a truly interconnected blockchain ecosystem, Pantos leverages innovative cross-chain technology, empowering different blockchain networks to communicate and collaborate effortlessly. No longer limited by the siloed nature of individual blockchains, Pantos opens up a world of possibilities for decentralized applications and services in a secure manner.

Our multichain explorer allows you to witness the true potential of blockchain interoperability in action. Delve into the smooth flow of assets between diverse networks, track cross-chain transfers, and observe the impact of this groundbreaking technology on the wider blockchain landscape.

Whether you are a developer, an enthusiast, or a business looking to unlock new opportunities in the blockchain space, PANSCAN offers you real-time insights, statistics, and visualizations to comprehend the power of interoperability.

Join us in this exciting journey towards a future where blockchains can work harmoniously, revolutionizing industries and driving innovation. Together, we shape the interconnected blockchain landscape of tomorrow. Happy exploring!